Justice for People Seeking Asylum

As a Common Grace community, we believe that Australia is called to be a generous nation. We long for the day when those who come to our shores for safety are welcomed with that kindness and compassion that the Bible teaches.

Common Grace celebrates the many initiatives seeking justice for asylum seekers and refugees that Christians in Australia are engaged in, including: providing resources and information on the issue; leading our churches in prayer; making public statements that call on our leaders to act justly; public marches for solidarity; arrestable prayer vigils in politicians' offices; and practical campaigns that source and distribute daily necessities for those in detention and on Temporary Protection Visas. 

We firmly believe that all these initiatives have a place in our current political and social landscape, and encourage all Christians to pray and advocate as the Lord leads them.

Together, we believe that we can contribute a voice that sounds MORE LIKE JESUS to our nation's public conversation on asylum seekers, as we imagine and nurture a more generous Australia.

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