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    Carolyn jurgens
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    We have apologised, now we need to act with respect toward the aboriginal Australians.

    All of Australia was taken contrary to Captain Cook’s sealed instructions from the English Admiralty, we need to stop the forced overrule of indigenous people’s rights.
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    We are systematically destroying a beautiful and valuable culture. We are undervaluing our brothers and sisters and quite honestly; it’s dumb. It makes no sense and will only result in bigger problems
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    We are the true owners of this land and deserve to be treated with respect
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    This is a breach of human rights. Aboriginal people have had everything taken from them since European people started arriving – they have been dispossessed of their land and their children were taken. Aboriginal people have the skills to be good stewards of the land and sea and did a better job of looking after Australia than Europeans have. This is their land anyway. How dare we keep repeating the mistakes of the past? Haven’t Aboriginal people suffered enough? How can we be apologizing for the sins of the past, yet perpetrating the same abuse of human rights?
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    we need to treat people right, all people
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    Economics is not the only value of a community. The affects (health , psychologically) of these forced closures has not been appropriately considered. We should not repeat the mistakes of our colonialist forebears.
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    Our government is apparently so ignorant of the culture of our Indigenous people that it does not realise that moving people out of the homeland is like removing a limb or worse.. Indigenous peoples’ connection to the land is part of their identity and governs their relationships and communities. They are tribal people and moving to another tribe’s land will have far reaching social implications
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    Disgraceful treatment of our indigenous folk!

    They are one with the land. It is not yours to take away.

    We must embrace and support these communities, not destroy them!
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    Being aboriginal myself i understand the importance of Identity and land
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    We should be supporting our indigenous communities not tearing them apart. The history and life stories of these people is important and should be cherished by our nation. I want to be proud to be Australian and this simply saddens me. We all need to listen and hear the voices of these vital communities and do what is right.
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    Premier Barnett,

    It is within your power to reconsider your actions of closing 150 Aboriginal Communities, and withholding funding from these vulnerable people. It is the primary duty of any Government to protect, defend, be responsible for care and wellbeing of all its Citizens of the land. This is a Governments Primary Role. It would do well to hear the cries of its people and feel their pain. History has shown us in the past when the cries and pain of its people are ignored.

    People are uniting in their pain and misery and injustices. Act honourably and do the decent thing by the Aboriginal People.

    The Aboriginal People have endured many atrocities as history reflects. It is just plain shameful!
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    Apart from the obvious INJUSTICE of this proposal,the Aboriginal peoples have suffered too much at the hands of govts who deem it it still their right to deprive them of their land and communities.How sickeningly disgraceful that this is allowed to be even considered!
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    This is important to me because, as an Australian, I believe indigenous people in this country have had enough of being moved off country, moved around, and their connection with their traditional lands disrupted again and again. The Premier must facilitate and engage

    in a full process of consultation so that the people whose future is being held in the balance can be heard. As the 4 Corners episode ‘Remote Hope’ made clear, the consequences of being moved off their land for people in remote communities are dire.
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Premier Barnett: Cease the closure of homeland communities

Dear Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett,

We urge the Western Australian government to cease any decisions on the funding or closures of 150 Indigenous homeland communities. A full impact assessment and public consultation process must be engaged in. The voices of those for whom these communities are their homes, must be heard.

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For more of the story - go to this summary by the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress.

Please pray that the Premier avoids making premature and harmful decisions because blacklivesmatter, and as one mob in Brisbane who marched at a SOSBlakAustralia rally said 'Advance Australia Fairly'.