This online portal is designed to help save lives. Domestic and family violence is often closer than we realize – this resource gives clear outlines on what domestic and family violence looks like and practical ways to help get victims to safety, and perpetrators to face their problems.


We understanding that people in ministry – ministers, pastors, leaders, support staff – want to help those who are struggling. This resource turns that desire to help into step-by-step approaches to create better outcomes. 


By getting real about this issue, and looking at what attitudes and practices act as deterrents for properly reporting and dealing with family violence, it’s possible that Australian churches can become national leaders in lasting culture change.  


This resource has been written in consultation with important current resources, discussions with on-the-ground workers and with the support of experts in the fields of domestic and family violence, healthy relationships and faith-based living.

Do you need support?

The following Domestic and Family Violence support services are available: