Domestic and family violence is caused by struggle for and misuse of power in intimate relationships. It is important that we change cultural norms around power within our churches, so that we can create a space for equal, respectful relationship. Some practical strategies to work towards mutual equality and respect include:

  • Provide equal encouragement and opportunity to women who are gifted in preaching to develop their gift as much as men, even if the women are only permitted to preach to female audiences
  • Develop a public procedure for the ideas and concerns of women to be prioritised on the church agenda
  • Train and appoint multiple female pastoral carers
  • In larger churches, appoint multiple female (and male) staff who are specifically trained in the dynamics of family violence and how to respond well.
  • Provide financial grants for women to attend conferences in order to hear women preaching (as men can hear men preaching without cost)
  • Give deep thought to the inclusivity of all people within the life, direction and leadership of the church

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The following Domestic and Family Violence support services are available: