We know that the path to family violence is complex, and that the way back to safety is also complex, requiring a dedicated team of professionals and a network of systems that actually work together to help pave the way. We believe all victims should be able to receive the help they need to deal with trauma and move towards recovery. We believe that perpetrators should always be held accountable for their violence and also be able to access behaviour change programs to turn their lives around.

When women do leave their partners, they’re jumping into a safety net that’s full of holes. Across Australia, the demand for refuges is so high that every second woman has to be turned away. We urgently need our government to restore lost funding to our dangerously underfunded frontline services, so that no woman and children ever again has to be turned away from a service because it is full.  Family violence is also about a third of all the work that overwhelmed community legal centres are doing across the country, so we want to see proper support restored to these vital services as well.

For information on how to make a change in your community, start by getting informed and informing others. Our resources page is a helpful place to start.

Do you need support?

The following Domestic and Family Violence support services are available: