There are two main bodies of people involved in this campaign – the Common Grace Domestic & Family Violence Justice Team and broad team of Campaign Supporters including experts in the field, ministers and beyond.


The Common Grace Domestic & Family Violence Justice Team

The Domestic & Family Team share a common goal: to shine a spotlight on this evil in our midst and exhort the church to say “no more”. To say to the victims, “I see you and I will stand with you”. To say to the perpetrators, “you will be held accountable”. To say to Australia, “we know what real love looks like, and violence has no part in it”.


The Common Grace Domestic and Family Violence campaign launched in October 2015. So far we have petitioned for the federal government to restore funding to critical services, run the 16 DAYS of Prayer campaign, been featured in the Bible Society’s Eternity newsletter, and developed relationships with campaigning and church-based organisations to plan future campaign actions.

Campaign Supporters 

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Do you need support?

The following Domestic and Family Violence support services are available: