Where our funds go

Common Grace has been running for two financial years. Each year we’ve been supported by around $110,000 from the generosity of individuals and organisations who see the possibility of Australian Christians speaking, acting and thinking more like Jesus for our world.

In that time, funds have gone to support our small staff team and to make campaigns happen.

In our first year -

  • 53% Staff
  • 17% Technology – we built our website
  • 17% Formation & Justice Issue resource development
  • 3% Governance

In our second year -

  • 65% Staff
  • 8% Technology
  • 25% Formation & Justice Issue resource development
  • 2% Governance


This year, with the appointment of Scott Sanders as CEO we’ve got a bigger budgeted goal of $200,000.

This year we’ve budgeted to spend our funds in the following way -

63% Staff
2% Technology
30% Formation & Justice Issue resource development
3% Governance


For Common Grace to be financially viable in the future, we need to transition to a movement funded model. That is, we need the majority of our funding to be sourced from the movement itself.

Our initial period has been enabled by the generosity of para-church organisations and this has given us an excellent foundation to launch and become established. Yet our current funding model, now requires an investment of time and energy from our team that constrains our progress and is ultimately unsustainable moving forward.

A movement funded model, in contrast, allows our budget (and therefore the work we do) to be directly proportional to the support of our members.

There's so much more we can do with funding, so we'd love your contribution!