Living God,

          Breath of all who breathe,

          Shelter of all who sleep,

          Nourishment of all who eat,

         Destination of all who move,


         All your critters praise you:

         With bellow and buzz, croak and chirp,

         howl and hoot, squeak and song and silence.


        Teach us to join the choir, to take our place amidst the living world as co-worshippers, Sharing the many good gifts you provide for all who reside in this common home.


Spirit of Life,

       You who fills this world with wondrous abundance, provoke our curiosity.

       May we notice the systems and stories that nurture life, and gain insight into those that crush it.

       Open us to new ideas and transformative possibilities, for our status quo is stifling and deadly.


       You who draws near to all who suffer, nurture our kindness.

       May we awaken to the myriad neighbours who may not look like us, but whose lives are entwined with ours.

       Connect us across false divisions and loosen illusory connections.


       You who empowers all who seek justice, ignite our courage.

       May we overcome apathy, confront our own ignorance, reject exploitation, reimagine flourishing, and persevere in what is good, even when it will cost us.


        When you were tempted in the wilderness, holy scripture records that you were “with the wild beasts” (Mark 1.13): not against them, not over them, not without them.


        Teach us to be with all the beings around us.

        And be with us.




Written by Dr Byron Smith for Common Grace's Season of Creation 2022 celebrations.