Disarming Love

On the fourth day of Advent, 2022, Miriam Pepper leads us in prayer as we reflect on The Good.


On the fourth day of Advent, 2022, Miriam Pepper leads us in prayer as we reflect on The Good.

Disarming Love



God of new life,

In hope you are born amidst desperation

In every place and time.


We long for your shalom -

For mutuality and cooperation,

Creativity and regeneration,

The righting of wrongs,

For the flourishing of your good creation.


We pray for an ending of hostilities

In the warzones of your world.

We pray for release for all who are oppressed

By the stealers of lands and cultures over generations. 

May those who have experienced trauma and violence 

Have restitution and space to heal. 

May those who have raised their weapons

Instead reach for the trowel and the easel.  


We pray for freedom for your embattled earth - 

An end to the senseless destruction of ecosystems,

For technologies that work with, and not against, 

The diversity of life of which we are all a part.


Prepare our hearts for peace -

Draw our eyes to the good,

Even amidst devastation and despair.

Encourage us in the long work of justice - 

Teach us your way of disarming love,

As we commit to walk your path.


In the name of the Christ-child,

Who comes as surely as the new day.



Prayer written in reflection on  Advent verses Isaiah 9:2-7 and Isaiah 2:1-5. A visual reflection of Dr Miriam Pepper's Advent prayer is below.




Dr Miriam Pepper has helped Common Grace to organise prayer vigils for creation and climate justice and is part of Common Grace's Creation and Climate Justice Consultation Group. She is a social researcher and attends South Sydney Uniting Church, on Gadigal land (Redfern-Waterloo, Sydney).



This is the fourth in a series of daily email devotionals for Advent 2022. This year's series reflects on the hope and joy of the good breaking in with the birth of Christ. 

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