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Join us for Advent this December as Common Grace gathers 25 diverse Christians voices together to explore and share in 'Unexpected Beauty' as we approach Christmas.

 The season of Advent is an opportunity for us to remember Christ coming amongst us, but His doing so in an unexpectedly beautiful way that speaks right to the heart of God’s love for all people, and his redemptive plan to lift up the lowly by the giving of himself.

So too, around us at Christmas time we are also surrounded by unexpected beauty. If we have eyes to see what God is doing in the lives of others around us, we’ll see him at work in beautiful ways that may surprise us. If we can humble ourselves to sit and listen to people who see things differently to us, we may unexpectedly find beauty in their experience and perspective.

This Advent, let’s learn to find beauty in the unexpected. Let’s look for Christ in the places we may naturally overlook. We may expect to celebrate Advent in our Churches and around our family tables. But let us also look beyond the expected, and find God in the unexpected, where beautiful things will go unseen if we allow ourselves to be preoccupied and distracted.

Daily reflections will be published on our website each day during December as we approach Christmas. And you can get each reflection sent daily to your email by signing up for the series:

Some of our contributors include:

  • kate-brennan.jpgKate Harrison Brennan CEO, Anglican Deaconess Ministries
  • brooke-prentis.jpgBrooke Prentis Aboriginal Spokesperson for Common Grace
  • leonie-quayle.jpgLeonie Quayle Hillsong Aid and Development
  • steve-bevis.jpgSteve Bevis Minister, Alice Springs Uniting Church
  • robyn-carr.jpgRobyn Wrigley-Carr Lecturer, Alphacrucis College
  • adam-gowen.jpgAdam Gowen Aboriginal Christian Leader
  • stephen-barrington.jpgStephen Barrington God's Squad
  • jon-owen.jpgJon Owen Pastor, Wayside Chapel
  • richard-quadrio.jpgRichard Quadrio Navy Chaplain
  • bree-mills.jpgBree Mills Minister, Glen Waverley Anglican Church
  • louisa-hope.jpgLouisa Hope Sydney Siege Survivor
  • ross-clifford.jpgRoss Clifford Principal, Morling College
  • scott-sanders.jpgScott Sanders CEO, Common Grace
  • greg-clarke.jpgGreg Clarke CEO, Bible Society of Australia
  • eliza-spencer-profile.jpgEliza Spencer Uni Student
  • jan-amelink.jpgJan Amelink Common Grace Intern
  • jessica-smith.jpgJessica Smith Common Grace

More contributors will be added shortly.