This could be a defining moment to show national leadership for God’s creation, but this will only be possible if Christians across the country put their hand up to lead it.

We're looking for volunteers in each electorate who are willing to do more than sign a petition, and actually organise others to sign the petition. Are you keen to be a petitioner to help us offer hope in our climate crisis?

One petition in one electorate might be possible to ignore, but one hundred and fifty old-school, pen-and-paper petitions, gathered by churches, schools and community groups across all of Australia’s 150 electorates is hard to ignore. By coordinating our efforts, handing the petitions to MPs at one key moment, and having our requests heard by Parliament, we will make it impossible to ignore.

Now more than ever, we must offer hope amidst our climate crisis, and take action to stop the worst impacts of climate change, support our poorest neighbours and save the Great Barrier Reef.

What does a petitioner do?

Petitioner gather signatures from their groups and networks (and possibly the wider community), while promoting the petition calling for stronger action on climate change through their social media and in their local media.

Once you've signed up, we'll contact you with more information.

Can you be a petitioner?