Brooke Prentis

Brooke Prentis is Common Grace's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Team's Spokesperson. She is a descendant of the Waka Waka people, an activist for indigenous rights, a Christian pastor, and an accountant.

Brooke Prentis is a descendant of the Waka Waka people in Queensland.  She is an Aboriginal Christian Leader and Senior Finance Professional. 

Professionally, Brooke is a Chartered Accountant and one of only 30 Indigenous Accountants in Australia.  Brooke has worked for 7 years for one of the Big Four Accounting firms and has worked for two Top 100 ASX listed companies.  Brooke took a career break from Accounting 2 years ago and worked for 12 months as the Ministry Leader for the Salvation Army's Indigenous Ministries, part of which involved running an Aboriginal Church in Ipswich, west of Brisbane.  Due to lack of funding for the ministry, Brooke has returned to Accounting and is a Financial Controller but is heavily involved as a volunteer Aboriginal Pastor and speaker. 

Brooke holds a number of volunteer positions and one of her key roles is as the Coordinator of the Grasstree Gathering, a national and multi-denominational conference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders.  Brooke has also sat on boards of Christian organisations. 

Brooke has a committment to working ecumenically with all different church denominations and individual church congregations.  Some of her ecumenically activities include involvement with CTIPP (Churches Together Indigenous Peoples Partnership) which is a commission of the Queensland Churches Together (QCT).   

Brooke speaks in a number of churches of all denominations, and secular organisations about cultural awareness and issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  Brooke seeks to invite non-Aboriginal people to journey together with the oldest living culture in the world and follows Jesus call to love all people, and speak out against injustice.

You can hear Brooke reflecting on National Sorry Day on this powerful podcast hosted by the Centre for Public Christianity. Have a listen as she discusses the concept of friendship, the breadth of injustices faced by Indigenous people, and the way she understands being an Aboriginal and a Christian person in Australia today.