Endorsements for Brooke as CEO

Read endorsements about the appointment of Brooke Prentis as the CEO of Common Grace.

Numerous people are delighted with the appointment of Brooke Prentis as the CEO of Common Grace; read and watch below.

The Common Grace Board

"We are thrilled to have Brooke take on the role of CEO. Her deep love for Jesus, passion for justice, prophetic voice, heart for the Australian church and governance know-how are an incredible combination.

Brooke has served Common Grace as Aboriginal Justice Spokesperson in a voluntary capacity since 2014 while juggling other responsibilities. We are so thankful for her incredible contribution. Now we look forward to a new season with Brooke available full time to lead the movement and we can’t wait to see what emerges for Common Grace in 2020.”

- Natalie Williams, Common Grace Board Chair

Scott Sanders, CEO Common Grace 2016-2019

Jarrod McKenna, Founding CEO Common Grace

Eternity News

Article: Aboriginal leader Brooke Prentis becomes Common Grace CEO

Rev Dr Michael Frost, Morling College

"How utterly appropriate that a young Aboriginal woman has become the head of an organisation committed to bringing Australian Christians together to champion justice and reconciliation. Even better, that woman is Brooke Prentis! Brooke is known for both her uncompromising stance on biblical justice and for her winsome, invitational posture. This rare combination has brought black and white Australians together to discuss racial reconciliation for years. Now, as CEO of Common Grace, Brooke will expand her influence to all Christians around the country, across every denominational line, on a variety of important issues. Bravo, Common Grace. What an inspired choice."

Dr Kate Harrison Brennan, CEO, Anglican Deaconess Ministries

“Jesus is glorified when Christians follow him to bring Common Grace to those who need mercy and justice. Brooke is one of Australia’s most talented Christian leaders and I’m delighted to see her bring her faithful commitment to Jesus and his justice to this role as CEO of Common Grace. Her vision, as an Aboriginal woman, to walk alongside all Australians as they encounter Jesus and cross the road to those in need is both timely and critically important for our nation. I will be praying Brooke onwards in her prophetic and visionary role.”

Matthew Maury, CEO, TEAR Australia

"I am really excited to hear the news about Brooke’s appointment as the new CEO for Common Grace. Having worked alongside Brooke for several years with a shared vision for engaging the church on issues of Biblical justice, I have seen God use her gifts and skills in ways that have enabled her to bring what could only be termed as a prophetic voice to the wider Australia community. Her commitment to conciliation and hope are contagious and have helped spark a movement of people – young and old – who are committed to action and change. I am excited to see what God has in store for her, Common Grace and the wider Australian church in the years ahead and look forward to collaborating in building a more just and compassionate world!"

Rev Graeme Anderson, Senior Pastor, Northside Baptist Church

"This is an exciting new season for Common Grace! Brooke is the right woman at the right time to be leading us in this movement. She has a prophetic voice that cuts through distraction and speaks truth with grace and points towards justice and mercy. These lands now called Australia need Brooke and Common Grace to lead us in the way of Jesus towards healing in our history, safety in our families, welcome on our borders, and care of the earth. We at Northside count it a privilege to be praying for and supporting Brooke as she steps into this timely role."

Stephen O’Doherty, Author at Hope 103.2

“Brooke, I hold you in the highest esteem as a Christian leader with so much to contribute. I value your knowledge, wisdom and commitment to work for justice. I am so grateful for what you have taught me, in particular about our Indigenous peoples. I am in awe of your capacity to bring people together in a way that brings real hope of healing and conciliation to this country. I appreciate your spiritual wisdom and thank God for you. I have always seen you as a key leader whose voice needs to be heard and I am delighted that this new role will provide you with an even bigger platform. You have my prayerful support as you enter this new season."

Charlene Delos Santos, Director Surrender Co.

"I am so excited to see Brooke Prentis appointed as the new CEO for Common Grace! I have had the pleasure of working alongside Brooke over the last few years and have seen her passion, creativity and grace. She is a visionary leader and is a gift to the Church and to these lands we now call Australia. I look forward to seeing Creator God move in and through Common Grace in its next chapter, as we work towards a whole and just world."

Rev Megan Powell du Toit, Publishing Manager of the Australian College of Theology

"I have long supported Common Grace because of their commitment to being “centred on Jesus and the justice, beauty and generosity we see lived out abundantly by him.” One of my core commitments as well. In appointing Brooke Prentis as CEO, we see Common Grace faithfully acting upon their own commitment. Society and the Church have been weakened by the lack of diversity in leadership. Brooke, as an Aboriginal female leader, brings a much-needed voice to the table. A voice that is deservedly gaining a hearing more widely in the public square. My prayers for God’s guiding and sustaining presence with both Brooke and the Common Grace team in this new season."

Matt Darvas, Campaign Director Micah Australia

"Brooke has a gift for telling stories that illuminate the Australian soul. Stories that pinpoint our pain and brokenness, whilst offering ways that we can journey together to find reconciliation, truth and hope. Brooke’s leadership of Common Grace has the power to take us down a new path, and it is one we desperately need."

Ched Myers, Elaine Enns and Chris Wight, Bartimaeus Institute, California 

“Brooke Prentis brings powerful presence and character to the intersection of faith and justice. Her contributions to our gathering on Indigenous solidarity were invaluable, embodying the grace and ferocity of the gospel. Brooke’s leadership will make Common Grace’s work and witness deeper, wider and stronger.

Ps Josh Dowton, Associate Pastor, Northside Baptist Church

"Brooke Prentis is surely one of the most important Christian voices in Australia today, and I'm overjoyed to hear that she will be the next CEO of Common Grace. I've not only been deeply impacted by Brooke's leadership and her friendship, I've been changed. I'm thankful for the way that she invites us to come together, I admire her ability to model grace and truth, and I'm inspired by her vision for this Jesus kind of justice."

Graeme Tutt, Senior Minister Newtown Mission

“It's exciting to see Brooke take on this position at Common Grace. We've seen her prophetic voice bring both challenge to change and invitation to relationship, as Jesus did, and her gift of bringing Aboriginal Christian leaders into relationship with the wider church has been a powerful force in our context and across Australia. I'm eager to see those gifts at work in the wider role of CEO!"

Rev Dr Melinda Cousins, Deputy State Executive Minister, Baptist Churches SA and Teaching Pastor, Richmond Baptist

"I’m excited by Common Grace’s appointment of Brooke Prentis as CEO! Our church highly values both Brooke’s teaching and her friendship: she has extended her hand to us, walked alongside us, and challenged our thinking and our practice. Brooke brings to this role a broad range of experience and networks that will serve the Australian church well. She also brings who she is, as a proud Wakka Wakka woman, a passionate advocate to and for the church, and an important voice in our community, for such a time as this.” 

Sandra McLean (Major), Faith Communities Development Secretary, The Salvation Army, Australia Territory.

"Congratulations Common Grace on the inspired and inspiring selection of your new CEO. Brooke is focused, passionate, resilient, progressive and intelligent. Her message is not always comfortable, but I believe she is a prophet for our times. Brooke has taught me the value of walking alongside one another as friends and it has been my privilege to call her friend. She is fully committed to justice for all peoples and knows that, whilst justice must be fought for in policies and systems, it can only be realized in relationship. In these critical days, Common Grace is strengthened in its impact by living its values in appointing Brooke to this role.
Brooke, your friends in The Salvation Army are excited to see what God’s continued work through you will achieve in the days to come. Thank you for your influence on the lives of many. You will remain constantly in our prayers and thoughts as you step into this significant role."

Rev Dr Karina kreminski and Dr Armen Gakavian- Co-directors of Neighbourhood Matters

"We love the heart for justice, compassion and embodied love that we see practiced in Common Grace. We see this same heart in our friend Brooke Prentis who will bring fresh vision to this movement through her courageous , grace-filled leadership."

Jon Owen Pastor / CEO Wayside Chapel

"There aren’t many CEO appointments that make you leap up from your desk and pump your first in the air to yell a giant and resounding“YES!” In fact there haven’t been any - until this one. Common Grace walk the talk and the appointment of Brooke signals their intentions to be a force for justice and compassion in this country. Brooke is a personal friend and colleague, her heart and passion and voice is a call we need to hear."

Rev Dr Peter Adam, Vicar Emeritus, St Jude's Carlton, Melbourne

"I am delighted at Brook's appointment as CEO of Common Grace. She is ideally suited for this important role in this important ministry. May God's common grace and his saving grace flood our country, and bring new life!"

Melissa Lipsett, Chief Operating Officer, Bible Society Australia

"Brooke Prentis is an amazingly gifted Christian leader and hearing her articulate and unique voice is vitally important at this time in our history. The impact Brooke has had will only continue to grow through this exceptional appointment as CEO Common Grace, and rightly so. The fact that she is a proud Indigenous woman fills me with great hope and expectation. Congratulations Brooke!"

Rev Simon Hansford, Moderator, Synod of NSW & ACT, Uniting Church in Australia

"I am delighted at the appointment of Brooke Prentis as the new CEO for Common Grace.
In her writing and public speaking Brooke offers thoughtful, reflective and wise insight into our community conversation, informed by an engaged and lively faith. Common Grace has succeeded in speaking across the wide experience of Christian discipleship, and Brooke is a fine example of that success. We welcome Brooke into her new role and wait, with excitement, for where this leads our community and the church."

Ross Piper, CEO Christian Super

We are delighted to learn of the appointment of Brooke Prentis as the new CEO of Common Grace. Common Grace continues to play such an important role in mobilising people of faith around issues of justice, mercy and grace in society. Brooke we are praying for you and the Common Grace team for this exciting next season of God's movement among people of faith in this country.


Lt-Col Lyn Edge

Brooke has a strong commitment to Jesus and justice which makes her ideally suited to Common Grace who seek to live, speak and act more graciously, more compassionately, more like Jesus in today's world. On behalf of The Salvation Army I congratulate Brooke and commend her as she takes on this important new role.



Melinda Tankard Reist, Author, speaker, co-founder Collective Shout: for a world free of sexploitation

At a time when we are desperate for good news, Brooke Prentis is appointed CEO of Common Grace. I first heard Brooke speak only this year, when we shared a platform at a media conference. I was deeply affected. Brooke has a unique way of communicating the tragic and reprehensible treatment of our First Nation peoples. But she doesn’t leave us mired in our shameful history. Brooke leads us to a place where we dare to imagine a transformation of relationships is possible:  acknowledging the truth and then guiding us to  a long over-due place of justice, reconciliation and healing. I celebrate the appointment of this young Wakka Wakka woman leader and visionary – go forth in strength and courage Brooke!