FAQs about Common Grace’s CEO Appointment

We’ve put together some FAQs about what happens from here.

We’ve put together some FAQs about what happens from here.

When does Brooke Prentis start?

Brooke will begin with Common Grace in the CEO role in February 2020.

Until January 2020, Brooke will be completing her role as a Senior Fellow at Anglican Deaconess Ministries, developing a resource for the Australian church in how to engage, build, and deepen relationship with Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal Christian Leaders, and Aboriginal ministries.

Will Brooke speak for all Common Grace concerns?

Yes, Brooke is passionate about Jesus and justice and has a heart for the last, the lost and the least. She is committed to seeing the church in these lands now called Australia witness to the welcome of Christ, the safety of God’s love and care for the world. Brooke is a gifted speaker and will be supported by the Common Grace teams to be a spokesperson across all our key issues: Domestic & Family Violence, People Seeking Asylum, Climate & Creation Care and justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

What will happen to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice work of Common Grace?

Common Grace will continue to raise up new leaders for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice work. Brooke will continue to support and speak on the need for past, current and future justice for Aboriginal peoples.

Where is Common Grace at financially at the moment?

Thanks to the ongoing support of 250+ monthly donors, Common Grace can sustain our basic operating costs. There is enough funding to support Brooke as CEO and our current team (1 FTE staff) for the coming year. However, there are so many opportunities for Common Grace into the future and we would love to be able to build a stronger team around Brooke. Show your support for this new season of Common Grace by becoming a monthly donor.