5 Top Tips

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Make the most of praying the Lord's Prayer daily through Lent by applying our 5 top tips.



5 Top Tips for Praying All the Way Till Easter

1. Set aside a regular time each day to Pray the Lord’s Prayer and connect with God.

2. Get some friends to go on the journey with you. Hold each other accountable by regularly checking in with each other.

3. Focus on the basics - reading the word and devotional reflections, prayer, journalling etc. They are the foundations of a relationship with Jesus!

4. Find ways to let what God is showing you through your focus on the Lord’s Prayer overflow into action. It might be as simple as praying specifically for those in your personal world or it might mean becoming involved in a justice campaign for the first time.

5. Have faith for the unexpected! Lent is a time of renewal, refreshing and refocusing - believe that God will bring a freshness into your relationship during this Lenten season.

The Lord's Prayer