We’re looking for a passionate volunteer to lead our Climate Justice campaign as we seek to inspire, engage and mobilise Australian Christians to care for God's creation through bold public action.

Volunteering with Common Grace

Common Grace is a growing Christian movement of followers of Jesus whose faith inspires us towards climate justice for God’s creation (amongst other issues) through organised bold acts of justice that reflect the ministry and teachings of Jesus as practised through the Church.

As a movement, volunteers sit at the heart of our organising work. We are deeply committed to providing value and meaning to the work of our volunteers, ensuring they are supported and have opportunities for development, and in turn we expect a level of commitment to the role as a valued part of our wider team.

The Campaign

Our children, future generations, the global poor and other species face the worst consequences of climate change yet bear the least responsibility. This is a grave injustice. The decisions we make in the next few years will determine the severity of climate change for all these vulnerable neighbours. Pursuing climate justice today means reclaiming our human vocation of humble care for one another and the creatures around us. In a world changing faster than at any point in human history, climate justice is an inescapable part of Christian discipleship for Australians today.

Yet Australian Christians are largely underrepresented when it comes to climate action, despite care for God’s creation being central to our shared faith. Despite the overwhelming evidence and public support, across the Church there remains confusion and uncertainty about the science and politics of climate change, leaving average church-goers inactive when it comes to taking action, rather than becoming a leading public voice caring for God's creation.

As a movement, Common Grace seeks to inspire, resource and mobilise the Australian Church to loudly coordinate our voices and actions that we may see significant policy change in Australia to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, preserve the beauty of God's creation, and restore our common home.

Your Role

This is an outstanding opportunity for a leader to drive and oversee Common Grace’s advocacy and campaigning on climate action and to engage the Australian church through a fresh phase in political and public engagement. Inspired by an active faith and political savvy, you have contagious passion and particular experience campaigning on issues of social justice.

The responsibilities of this role are broad, and will be shaped more fully by the gifting and experience of the successful candidate, though will include:

  • Coordinating Common Grace’s climate justice reactive campaigning and planned advocacy
  • Responding nimbly to stories in media/political/public cycle
  • Building a team of passionate climate volunteers from across the church to support our campaigns
  • Development digital content (email blasts, web blog and social media posts)
  • Activating members and churches to undertake campaign actions
  • Representing the campaign in the public and political sphere
  • Establishing relationships with similar campaigns

Your Commitment

The role will require a commitment of up to 8 hours per week and will be supported in your role by our CEO and Operations Director. While this is currently a volunteer role, there is scope for you to fundraise for a paid position. For more information please fill in the form on this page and we'll email you more details about how you can apply. Alternatively you can email info@commongrace.org.au with any questions you may have.

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