As Christians, every year at Easter we pause to reflect upon the breathtaking, sacrificial love found in and through our saviour Jesus' death and resurrection.

This Holy Week, join us as we contemplate what it means to follow Jesus' example of extravagant love by obeying his instruction to "Love Thy Neighbour" in our 21st century world.

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Join Christians from all over Australia as we meditate on daily bible readings, reflect on the video teachings of a diverse range of Australian Christian leaders, and consider the thoughts of contemporary Christians expressed in daily blog posts.

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Day 1 | Love Matters

Louisa Hope was injured in the Sydney Siege. A committed Christian, Louisa reflects on the task of 'Loving Thy Neighbour' in the light of her last year.

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Speaker: Louisa Hope

Day 2 | Surprising Love

When Pastor Ray Minniecon brings the familiar story of the Good Samaritan to us, he finds the story of the first Australians ringing in his ears.

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Speaker: Ray Minnecon

Day 3 | Enemy Love

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus takes it up a notch instructing us to love our 'enemies' and 'those who persecute you'. Pastor Jarrod McKenna reflects on this radical challenge and how it opens us up to the very heart of God.

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Speaker: Jarrod McKenna

Day 4 | Humble Love

This Maundy Thursday, we witness Jesus washing his disciples feet. Catholic Earthcare’s Director, Jacqui Rémond, calls us to notice the humble Jesus who calls us to follow him in servant love of all creation.

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Speaker: Jacqui Rémond

Day 5 | Loved!

On Good Friday Jesus shows what love is - he lays down his life for his friends. Rev Kanishka Raffel, the Dean of Sydney's St Andrew's Cathedral reminds us we are loved and called into loving like him.

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Speaker: Kanishka Raffel

Day 6 | Hopeless Love

As we stand in the darkness of Easter Saturday, Dr Ben Myers turns our attention to hopeless love - dashed hopes and forgotten dreams. Jesus is dead.

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Speaker: Ben Myers

Day 7 | Conquering Love

This Easter Day celebrate the wonderful news of resurrection! Jesus' love conquers all things and nothing can separate us from the love of God! Pastor Darlene Zschech will help us celebrate resurrection and how it vindicates Jesus' call to neighbour love.

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Speaker: Darlene Zschech

Day 8 | Commissioned to love

In the glorious aftermath of the resurrection, Jesus appears to his friends. Rev Dr Mike Frost allows us to overhear their conversation. And Jesus' constant message continues to ring out - following him looks like loving our neighbour.

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Speaker: Mike Frost