Join the movement of Australian Christians seeking to live, speak and act more graciously, more compassionately, more like Jesus in today's world.

We are a movement of 47,241 Christians seeking to be more like Jesus as we love our neighbour.


What we're talking about

“I love that Common Grace recognises that what we share is so much greater than what would seek to tear us apart. It’s all about revealing the false dichotomy of polarisation and shining light on the truth that we are all in this together.”
David Hack, Young Adults Pastor , Riverview Church
“I’m hopeful that Common Grace will help young Christians wrestle with what it is to live Jesus’ call to love their neighbour in an increasingly complex and global world.”
Caroline Andrews, Chaplain , Evangelical Union Sydney University
“Common Grace is a wonderful place where people who have received His grace can freely give that grace to others. In this hour, may the love and light of Jesus shine brightly for all the world to see.”
Eddie Byun, Lead Pastor , Onnuri English Ministry, South Korea
“Seeking to embody the beauty, generosity, and justice of Jesus, Common Grace represents a robust alternative to privatised consumer Christianity. I salute Common Grace!”
Brian Zahnd, Pastor , Word of Life Church, USA
“Common Grace promises to be a wonderful expression of the compassionate love and justice of Jesus in action. In supporting a common Christian voice on the issues that matter in our world, Common Grace has its sights set on a better world.”
Elenie Poulos, National Director , UnitingJustice Australia
“Praise God for common grace; both the divine kind and the kind that cultivates the commons for the good of all. Common Grace offers an innovative platform for education and faith-rooted advocacy for the transformation of the church and the world.”
Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners
“Common Grace is arising from the gospel-informed political imaginations of dear friends Down Under, recovering the church as a social movement, and reclaiming social movement as church.”
Ched Myers, Activist and Co-Founder , The Bartimaeus Institute
“I believe it should be good news for a community to have people who follow Jesus in their midst. Common Grace is Christians living as the tangible evidence that a better world is possible, living examples of the hope our nation needs today.”
Brad Chilcott, Founder and Pastor , Welcome to Australia
“I am excited about Common Grace. The gospel is good news at every level and when the followers of Jesus show what that means in practice, the world sits up and takes notice.”
Rt Revd Prof N. T. Wright, St Andrews
“Leadership that looks more like Jesus, more like his radical love, is desperately needed in our nation. I thank God for Common Grace.”
Benson Saulo, PWC Indigenous Consulting, Mind Garden Projects co-Founder
“The Jesus I know was compassionate, gracious, and full of love, and I think it’s time we united as Christians to show the world a better picture of what our faith in action looks like. Bring it on.”
Ash London, TV & Radio Presenter
“Common Grace is what we’ve been waiting for – a united, gracious, Christian voice for the common good that sounds like Christ. I’m proud to be involved in what I see is an answer to prayer.”
Tim Costello, Chief Advocate , World Vision Australia

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