People Seeking Asylum

We embrace people seeking asylum with open hearts and open arms, pursuing peace, restoration and welcome.

Refugee Week 2023

Explore our range of resources and ideas to help us, and our communities, go deeper in learning more and taking action for justice for people seeking asylum this Refugee Week (18-24 June).

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We long for the day when those who come to our shores for safety are welcomed with the kindness and compassion that Jesus teaches.

We believe that Australia is called to be a generous nation, embracing people who have had to flee their home country.

The world is facing the worst displacement of people crisis in its history. Driven by ongoing and new conflicts, political oppression and insecurity, more than 100 million people across the planet have been forced to flee their homes because they are in fear of being persecuted.

Displacement has been increasing year on year, spurred by disruption in countries including Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Australia has been acting. We’ve increased our humanitarian intake and offered a pathway to resettlement for thousands of people seeking asylum in Australia who faced an uncertain future. However, in the face of this crisis where millions of women, children and men have no safe refuge, we know that there is far more our nation can and should do to express our values of justice, generosity and compassion. 

We look forward to working with you to see Australia embrace people seeking asylum with open hearts and open arms.