The history of these lands, called Australia, is a painful one. Each of us lives within its legacy and every time someone is pierced by its injustice, all creation groans.

But God is inviting you to write a different story…

God is calling you to do justice – to make right. To continue the work of Jesus, who is reconciling all things with the Creator. And that’s what the Common Grace movement is all about! 

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When you donate to Common Grace, you are doing so much more than helping followers of Jesus to love more boldly and listen more deeply. 

✔️Your generosity is equipping the Australian church to continue the great work of reconciliation – restoring humanity’s relationship with one another and with creation.

✔️Your generosity is mobilising a new generation of advocates who will hold our nation’s current and future leaders to account. 

✔️Today your generous donation is helping to right the wrong of injustice. 

As an independent grassroots movement, every bit counts. So you can be sure that every donation, no matter the size, will make a very big difference. 

Help right the wrong of injustice. Please donate today. 


How you’re helping

Your faithful generosity allows our movement to continue raising a loving, Christian voice in national conversations on these issues of great importance.

→ You're calling for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice

Led by the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders, we long to walk together in friendship to pursue justice, healing and flourishing for all.

→ You're calling for Creation and Climate justice

We long for Australia to be a world climate leader – an Australia that pursues the protection and restoration of God’s beautiful Earth and a safe climate for all Creation, while recognising First Nations peoples as the knowledge holders of these lands.

→ You're calling for Domestic and family violence justice

We long for an end to the epidemic of violence against women in Australia, where faith communities refuse to turn a blind eye on acts of domestic and family violence, speak out against them and welcome survivors with open arms. 

→ You're calling for justice for people seeking asylum and refugees

We long for an Australia where those who come to our shores seeking safety and asylum are welcomed with compassion – an Australia that has learned to lead with love from its history. 

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Common Grace is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC).

Donations to Common Grace are not tax-deductible.