Each year for Lent we produce a video series from Christian leaders exploring the teachings of Jesus and their application today.

Lent is the period of forty days in which the Church has historically anticipated and prepared for the great celebrations of Holy Week and Easter.

Traditionally, Lent is a time of fasting, reflection, learning and seeking the healing of our desires as we remember both our finitude and our fallenness.

Through Common Grace’s annual Advent and Lent series we encourage Christians around Australia to engage with Jesus - hearing his words in the scriptures, invitations to pray, reflections by Christian leaders - all in the hope that we draw closer to Jesus and are sent into his world in beauty, generosity and justice.

Every year we produce a Video series for Lent, where we gather together a diverse group of Christian teachers to rediscover Jesus' message about life in the Kingdom of God.

Explore Common Grace’s Lent series below.