Rediscover the subversive stories of Jesus that turned our world upside down in this teaching series from Common Grace and Bible Society Australia.

Throughout the gospels, Jesus teaches his disciples through stories – everyday realities that contain a subversive message: that the kingdom of God turns everything upside down; that those the world calls least are the greatest.

This Lent, Common Grace and Bible Society Australia invite us to rediscover Jesus's profound teachings veiled in everyday stories. As we come together, we're praying for ears to hear these teachings of Jesus afresh, to let them get past our defences and under our skin, as they transform us to make things right in this world.

We've invited prominent teachers from across Christian traditions to walk with us through some of Jesus' central parables, and the relevancy of their subversive call to us two-thousand years on. Every Wednesday during Lent we'll have a new video on one of the Parables, along with bible readings and some spiritual practises that may help you explore each story more deeply.

This series has been produced in partnership with Common Grace and Bible Society Australia. You can also find the video series on Eternity. Through this series we hope you are inspired, moved, convicted and confronted as we explore how Jesus calls us to beauty, generosity and justice in today’s world.

Meet our inspiring contributors to this series

  • Brooke Prentis
    Aboriginal Christian Leader
  • Jon Owen
    Jon Owen
    Paster & CEO, Wayside Chapel
  • Dr Kate Harrison Brennan
    CEO, Anglican Deaconess Ministries
  • Dave Hack
    Young Adults Pastor, Riverview Church
  • Dr Justine Toh
    Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Public Christianity
  • Rev Keith Jobberns
    National Ministries Director, Australian Baptist Ministries
  • Prof Neil Ormerod
    Theology Lecturer, Australian Catholic University

This series is brought to you by Common Grace and Bible Society Australia.