We are animated by a vision of the good that God intends for the world and we are committed to pursuing love, beauty and grace to help this be realised today.

God created this world, a common home, for all people and creation to flourish. A home where goodness and love and grace prevail. But the injustices that have pierced these lands have distanced us from God's good intention. For true justice to prevail, where all of creation can enjoy the goodness that God intends, we need people to come together in common grace. We need to pursue Jesus and justice.

What do we mean by this?

We dream of a future where our nation listens deeply to First Nations people and the truth of our history, where injustices are righted and the oldest continuous cultures in the world are celebrated.

We care for God’s beautiful creation, addressing climate change and ensuring the environment and generations to come flourish. 

We embrace people seeking asylum with open hearts and open arms, pursuing peace, restoration and welcome. 

We long for all households to be places of nurture, safety and support, where violence against women is eliminated

This is a future where all the broken things are restored and reconciled to and through Jesus. A future where all people and all creation can flourish.

How do we work towards this vision of flourishing?

Common Grace is operated by a small team located all around these lands now called Australia and is led by the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian leaders.  

We recognise that we are part of a larger Christian movement for justice and that our role will be helping to support and strengthen that movement.

Common Grace’s initiatives are recognised for helping to deepen understanding and empathy on issues of injustice, amplifying the voices of people with lived experience, and inspiring and equipping Christians to take collective action to bring about meaningful change. Together we are raising a gracious public voice on issues we believe will move Australia to look more like the nation God would have it be. 

Some key moments for Common Grace include: Aboriginal Sunday, National Reconciliation Week, Knit for Climate Action, Refugee Week, NAIDOC Week, Season of Creation, #StopAboriginalDeathsinCustody and the UN day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

We campaign on four key justice areas:

We invite everyone and anyone to join the Common Grace movement today. Let’s work together to build a beautiful future, where all people and all creation can flourish.

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