Volunteer your skills

We're currently building a network of volunteers who contribute to Common Grace in different ways, including graphic designers, writers, video editors and more. Is there a way that you can volunteer your skills that would help take us forward as a movement? If so, please indicate your skills and interest here.

Over the years we've had many of you contact us directly, asking about internships of offering your skills to the work we're doing. A huge part of our vision for the year ahead involves creating more opportunities for those of you wanting to engage deeper – which is why we want to hear from you.

At this stage, we want to get a fuller sense of how each of you want to be involved and the kind of skills and passions you'd like to contribute. As can be expected, being able to manage a network of volunteers will take some time and resource on our end, so we'll be exploring this throughout the year and contacting each of you as opportunities arise and as our resource permits. If you'd like to help build the capacity of Common Grace, we'd invite you to consider becoming a monthly supporter.

Beyond volunteering your skills, we're asking those of you within churches to consider how you can be a leader within your church to help inspire others around you towards justice. If that's you, let us know on this page so we can connect you with resources and opportunities to promote Common Grace's work through your communities.

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Can you volunteer?