This prayer written collectively by the Common Grace movement during the 2022 Prayer Vigil for Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. 


Lord God the Almighty One, the Redeemer, the Creator, our Saviour, this is our prayer to you, as we sit with the injustice of Aboriginal deaths in custody.

We lament, and feel deep despair, sadness and grief. Be in our hearts as we hear the stories, listen to your Word, imagine change, ache for justice, and yearn for truth and hope, for our First Nations peoples.

Lord, it hurts to hear and feel the depth and breadth of this injustice, the pain it causes, the lives that are lost, the freedom that is deprived.
May we not turn away. May we feel the pain. May it go deep and change us. May we work with you and your people. May we see the change you yearn for. May justice roll like a river.

We pray for an end to Aboriginal deaths in custody, and the end of suffering for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities. We pray for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be safe, free and flourishing and to have strength and courage to be warriors of faith and justice.

Come, Lord Jesus. Bring justice and newness of life. Bring an end to all evil. Bring your Kingdom where the first will be last, and the last will be first.

Lord, we pray the ears of those who cannot hear be opened, that cries for justice will be fully and clearly heard. Help us to raise and voice our indignation and despair, to roar and speak our hope and trust in you as Saviour of all.

Lord, we pray that you will change minds and hearts at all levels of authority to change from punitive justice to restorative justice. Let lives, young and old, be restored.

We pray for all families that mourn a loved one who has died in custody, heal their sore hearts and give them consolation in their mourning. Fill the families with hope. Hope that does not disappoint. Hope for safety, freedom and change.

Lord, we pray for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people. May they have every opportunity to flourish and fulfil the destiny you have planned for them.

Please God may we continue to spread the strong spirit of action and justice amongst all peoples, giving voice to the marginalised and voiceless. May all hidden acts of violence and persecution of our First People’s continue to be brought to light and the call for justice be heard.

Give us wisdom and courage to act now.

Please strengthen us to stand with survivors and to help those filled with hate to learn how to love.

Fire of God, light of life, flame of love. Compel our world to righteousness. Move us all towards love and justice. Bring peace, exuberant liberty, overflowing joy at your goodness. Remind us who we are - we have been made in your image to do your work: bringing life.

Loving God, we pray for you to open eyes, soften hearts, comfort broken spirits - reconcile us to you and each other.

We hope for river gums to pump oxygen into lungs so that children may breathe again. We pray for wattle to brighten the darkest hours. We pray for the sun to shine new life.

Lord, we pray for healing and wholeness, that there will be no more death, that you will wipe every tear…

Lord, hear our cries in the midst of injustice. Let our prayers rise to you.

We pray these prayers to our suffering servant Jesus, in love, lament, solidarity and hope.

Ngawa, yes : amen