Dear Creator,

We come before you on National Close the Gap Day, with hearts filled with hope and determination. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this beautiful land, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and we thank you for their wisdom, resilience, and knowledge.

We pray for healing in our nation, as we confront the injustices and disparities that have plagued our Indigenous brothers and sisters for too long. We pray for the health professionals who work tirelessly to Close the Gap, that they may be filled with compassion and understanding.

Guide us, Lord, in our journey towards reconciliation and true friendship. Help us to bridge the gap in cultural understanding and access to health services. Show us how we can each contribute to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

We lift up those who feel hopeless, especially the families and communities affected by suicide. Bring them comfort and peace and help us to support and care for them in their grief. With the same hands, we also lift up the young people who are struggling, feeling lost or hopeless. May they find strength and resilience and may we as a community offer them support and guidance towards a brighter future.

We also give thanks for the wisdom and resilience of our Elders, who have carried the stories and traditions of their people for generations. May they be filled with strength and courage as they continue to guide their communities, and may we learn from their teachings and wisdom.

May we be agents of your healing, Lord, working together to Close the Gap and build a better future for all Australians, especially our young people. Give us the wisdom to learn from the past, the courage to address the present, and the vision to create a future where all Australians stand together in equality and harmony.

In your name, we pray.



If you are using please acknowledge Cameron Balcombe as the author/writer.

Cameron Balcombe is a proud Olkola and Djabuguy man and Catholic. Cameron is a First Nations Facilitator for the Pacific Australian Emerging Leaders Summit, works as a Mental Health clinician in the forensic mental health system, and is commencing a Masters of Social Work at RMIT University.