54 more needed
146 monthly supporters so far

This June, get involved with Common Grace by becoming a monthly supporter.

From our movement of almost 40,000 Christians in Australia, we operate from the generosity of monthly donors - people like you.

Currently, our monthly finances sit at about 80% of what we need to operate. We stretch what we have and have come a long way in just 12 months thanks to our current donors, but this naturally limits our capacity.

That's why, before the end of the financial year we need 200 monthly supporters.

In the last year we have been supported by a small base of 120 people giving around $50 per month. With this support we've formed, celebrated and mobilised Christians to Jesus-centred action across all our issue areas:

  • We produced Safer, an online resource on addressing domestic violence in our churches.
  • Hundreds of churches stood in solidarity with the men on Manus Island.
  • We’ve built friendship with Aboriginal Christian leaders and amplified their voices.
  • Thousands signed the petitions calling for climate action in electorates nationwide.
  • We’ve inspired thousands to seek justice through our Lent and Advent teaching series.

None of this would have happened without the support of people like you, generously getting involved by giving a small amount each month.

But we have so much more to do, and we need you to get involved.

We’re only just covering the costs of our small part-time team and projects. We urgently need to grow our team, and scale the ambition of our campaigns, and we can only do this with your support.

Get Involved and come a little deeper on the Common Grace journey by becoming a monthly supporter today.

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