Dear Heavenly Father,  

We thank you for all that you are. For your blessings, grace and mercy. That we can know you, love you and be loved by you.  

We commit those working with women and children who have experienced domestic and family violence. We pray for ministry leaders, volunteers and frontline staff as they act as your hands and feet. We pray they will embody Christ in all they do, shining a light on the greatest healer of all.  

We ask that you continue to bless these key workers as they support your children who have experienced such pain, working without judgement or negativity, but rather with love and hope. 

Lord, we pray for their well-being and morale, that they won’t feel overwhelmed or defeated but encouraged by the transformative work they are doing in the lives of vulnerable women and children. We ask for boldness in standing up against what is wrong and gentleness in responding to those who have been hurt. May your love be at the heart of all they do. 

We ask this in your matchless name.  




Written by Rhianne Jeyakumar as part of the 16 Days of Prayer and Activism against Gender-Based Violence (2023)

Rhianne Jeyakumar is Programme Manager for Banksia Women, a service providing practical and emotional support for women who have experienced domestic or family violence. Based in Darlinghurst, Sydney