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Help get SAFER into the hands of all Australian churches.

In Australia one in three women experience physical violence in their lifetime. One in six Australian women experience physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner, and one in four experience emotional abuse from a partner.

We long for an end to the epidemic of violence against women in Australia. We long for all households to be places of nurture, safety and support, and where faith communities refuse to turn a blind eye on acts of domestic and family violence, speak out against them and welcome survivors with open arms. 

At the heart of domestic and family violence is gender inequality. That violent attitudes and behaviours have their root in the same place – the abuse of power and control of one person over another.

And change in our churches is needed for true social change beyond.

For far too long the church has often ignored women and children who have experienced abuse. We need to change the culture of the Australia Church that has so often failed so many victim-survivors. 

That is why the SAFER Resource has been made free and available to all. So that the local church can be transformed into a place of support for survivors, and leaders in calling for greater justice. 

Please donate today. Your compassionate gift can help: 

✔️ Get SAFER into the hands of all church leaders, so that churches can be safe places for women and children. 

✔️Rebuild the Common Grace Domestic and Family Violence Justice campaign and team, so that a gracious voice can continue speaking out in the public sphere to keep DFV in the national agenda. 

✔️Churches be equipped to pursue justice for women and survivors of abuse, so that no one turns a blind eye. 

Thank you for caring deeply about seeing God's local church be a place of safety and protection, and of justice and love. Your faithful generosity is equipping the local church to address gender inequality that is driving the epidemic of violence against women. When all churches are safe and affirming places for women to disclose abuse, knowing that they will be heard and believed and not excused or blamed, and are equipped to take action and provide practical support, may we begin to see real change in our churches. 

Your donation of any amount would help us continue investing in campaigning on Domestic and Family Violence, sharing the stories of people with lived experience, and helping equip local churches to be leading the way in addressing DFV in our society. 


Note: Donations are not tax-deductible.