Hillsong Church

I love the idea of Australian Christians participating together in making our nation a better place. Although in the past we have been too easily divided, we have so many issues that we share. Common Grace helps us understand the power of our common voice - it focuses us to act together, to celebrate wins together, and face our concerns together. As a worship leader, I believe that worship and justice are linked. And, as a scholar, I can see the great need for justice in Australia. Yet, many of us in the church have gotten busy and forgotten our responsibility to stand up as a voice of justice in the marketplace. Common Grace helps ordinary Christians to unite and transition beyond a Sunday worshiper. In particular, I believe that we can help keep our nation accountable to change our record when it comes to Australia's Indigenous peoples. We have had a code of silence on this issue, and many Christians don't know what's actually going on. So, getting information about communities out quickly, and making it public keeps public servants accountable. We have to change our incarceration rates, that are as high as they are because we have inherited a deep racism within the institutional structures. Continual policy changes and bad implementation of laws serves to treat Indigenous Australians badly. This is not okay by me, and I believe it breaks God's heart too. This is why I'm 100% 'in' for Common Grace.

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