We’re looking for a passionate volunteer graphic designer to bring their creative talents to all our campaign areas.

Volunteering with Common Grace

Common Grace is a growing Christian movement of followers of Jesus whose faith inspires us to bold acts of justice that reflect the ministry and teachings of Jesus as practised through the Church.

As a movement, volunteers sit at the heart of our organising work. We are deeply committed to providing value and meaning to the work of our volunteers, ensuring they are supported and have opportunities for development, and in turn we expect a level of commitment to the role as a valued part of our wider team.

Our Advent Series

Each December Common Grace invites 25 different Christians from across the Church to reflect on the expectation of Jesus during the season of Advent. Gathering around a common theme and an anticipatory journey through scripture, we publish daily reflections from these different contributors on what following Jesus looks like in their patch of the world, and how we are called to share the love of God through action. Thousands journey with us each year as we explore what it looks like to integrate our faith with the challenges in our world today.

Our past two Advent series were on Being Present and Unexpected Beauty.

Your Role

As you can imagine, producing these series takes a lot of work. From developing the theme and visuals for the series, to reaching out and working with 25 different contributors, to promoting the series across the Church, then managing the daily publishing of the series across on our website, via email and across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It takes our whole team to make it happen, but we need someone who wants to own the project and coordinate the different stakeholders to help us deliver it.

This is an outstanding opportunity for someone who loves the detail and can stay on top of a lot of moving parts. It's also a great opportunity for someone who loves the power of words to shape hearts, and is moved by the beauty and diversity of stories across the Church where God is working in people's lives.

The responsibilities of this role will adapt through the six months, and will be shaped more fully by the gifting and experience of the successful candidate, though will include:

  • Brainstorming the theme of our 2018 series
  • Identifying key contributors who represent the diversity of the church
  • Reaching out to those contributors and confirming their participation
  • Working with a graphic designer to produce the visual style for the proejct
  • Managing the promotion of the event across our communications channels
  • Working with contributors to edit their reflections to conform to the series
  • Coordinating with Christian media about cross-promotion
  • Writing emails to our supporters to sign up to the series
  • Uploading the content to our website 
  • Publishing each reflection across our communications channels
  • Reviewing and analysing the success of the project

Your Commitment

The role will require a commitment of a few hours per week over six months with the lots of support from our existing team, including our CEO and Operations Director. For more information please fill in the form on this page and we'll email you more details about how you can apply. Alternatively you can email info@commongrace.org.au with any questions you may have.

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