Our approach

Common Grace is an online Australian Christian movement for justice. We exist to inspire and organise Australian Christians to think, speak and act like Jesus for a more just world. 

Common Grace seeks to be a gracious public Christian voice that is both provocative and compassionate, and one that helps to reframe public attitudes toward Christianity. 

Our approach centres on:

  • forming people to follow Jesus’ call to love our neighbours
  • mobilising Christians to undertake meaningful and coordinated action to bring about change
  • celebrating examples of Christians pursuing justice
  • contributing to public discussions in a gracious way

Since launching in 2014, we have grown to over 54,000 members.

Our campaigns

Common Grace is a diverse community of people passionate about Jesus and justice campaigning on four key justice areas.

Our campaigns are run by our volunteer teams.

Read more about our current Campaigns

Our funding

We are entirely independently funded and rely on small donations from our faithful monthly and one-off donors. 

You can contribute here.