Lord of all creation,
You who speaks and breathes life,
You who invites us to listen,
You who invites us to pay attention…

    To pay attention to the rhythms of creation,
    To pay attention to our breath,
    To pay attention to the breath of others,
    To pay attention to voices often not heard.

Lord of justice,
How might we quieten ourselves enough to hear the voices calling for justice?
To hear the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?
To hear the voices of the vulnerable?
Voices wanting to be seen, heard, and noticed.

    We are sorry for our inattentiveness,
    We are sorry for our apathy,
    We are sorry for choosing not to listen to the cries of the earth and the
    most vulnerable.

Lord of all creation,
May we learn to be present,
To cut out noise that ever pulls us to distraction.
May we open our hearts and minds to listen,
And in the listening, may we share in the suffering of creation,
And may we act in obedience and courage,
For the healing and restoration of all.

    In the name of Christ,



Written by Charlene Delos Santos. 

Charlene Delos Santos is 2nd Generation Filipino, living in Naarm (Melbourne). She is married to Michael, and they live in St Albans. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Youth Work) and Graduate Diploma in Theology from Whitley College. She is passionate about seeing the church flourish in cultural diversity, and currently serves at the Baptist Union of Victoria as the Multicultural 2nd Generation Coordinator.