We encourage you to include creation and climate justice issues within your prayer times individually, in small groups and within your church community. We've put some guiding prayers together to help you:

Prayers for Creation and Climate Justice

A Prayer for COP27, by Dr Mick Pope

A Prayer to Listen to the Voice of Creation, by Dr Byron Smith

Prayers for Season of Creation 2022, by Dr Miriam Pepper

A Prayer for Communities impacted by Floods by Luke Vassella

A Prayer in Response to Floods, March 2022, by Dr Byron Smith

Prayer for Torres Strait Islands Climate Justice, by Uncle Ben Harry and Larissa Minniecon

#ShowYourStripes Prayer by Dr Mick Pope

Climate Strike prayer, May 2020, by Arieta Fergie

Hope for Creation prayer by Ben Thurley

Jubilee for the Earth by Monique Hughes

Prayer for Bushfires by Dr Byron Smith

Earth Overshoot Day prayer, 22 March 2021, by Jess Morthorpe


Prayers for Season of Creation 2021

Prayer of Confession for our Common Home, by Byron Smith

Prayer for Healing Country, by Aunty Dr Doseena Fergie

Prayer for the Pacific, by Lote Tomane

Prayer for Common Grace and Creation and Climate Justice, by Ellaina Welsman

A Call to Worship with All of Creation, by Michael Ramaidama

A Blessing for our Common Home, by Brooke Prentis