Lord of Life,

who hears the cry of the afflicted and draws near to the brokenhearted,

in these days of deluge and danger,

protect those threatened by flood waters,

shelter those displaced and disturbed,

speed those who locate and rescue,

uphold those who organise and distribute,

sustain those who support and share,

comfort those who grieve or fret,

and breathe your Spirit upon troubled waters, over our troubled land.


Lord of Life,

who has compassion on all that you have made,

in this time of displacement and devastation,

be with the myriad domestic and wild creatures

who have also lost homes, or sustenance, or loved ones.

Bless those who respect, study, protect, and advocate for them,

and teach us your attentive care.


Lord of Life,

who provides all that we need and more than we ask or imagine,

in this season of disruption and discernment

prepare the path ahead for recovery, review and rebuilding.

May those who have suffered loss receive love.

May those who can help step forward,

May those who repair and rebuild implement wise improvements.

And may we all come to share with open hands

the good things we cannot grasp forever.


Lord of Life,

who proclaims good news to the poor,

in these years of planetary distress and decision

as disasters multiply and the oceans rise

while we flood the sky with our waste,

thwart the plans of those who profit from pollution,

strengthen the hands of those who work for justice,

open the minds of those who fear what this will require,

dispel the lies that limit our imagination,

and hasten our feet into courageous kindness.


Lord of Life,

who came to live amongst us, and to lead us into love,

in this present moment of doubt, disappointment and despair,

still our storms,

stir our stagnation,

and fill us till we overflow with your grace and truth.



Prayer written by Dr Byron Smith for Common Grace in response to the 2022 floods across South-East Queensland and NSW.