Creator God, 
We come before you as a small piece of your vast creation. 
We come in awe at the beauty and wonder of our planet, 
         and we feel its pain. 


Let the embers of our burning bushland 
Rekindle the flame of Pentecost 
Shine your light in us that we may strive for a greener future.


Let the dryness of the land in seasons of drought
Remind us to thirst for your leadership 
Holy Spirit, lead us towards the well of hope for a sustainable planet. 


Let the waters of our flooded plains and rivers
Drench our hearts with your mercy
Living Water fill us with mercy for your suffering creation.


Let the roaring of raging winds and cyclones 
help us hear the cry of Mother Earth 
Jesus, give us your peace to calm our storm, and peace to strengthen our calling.


Let the rise in sea levels 
raise our concern and love towards our neighbour 
Risen Christ, resource us with your love for the world.


Creator God, we are your people, called and purposed to be good stewards of our planet. 


Bless this day. 
In Jesus’ name, 



Written by Michael Ramaidama

This prayer is used as a Call to Worship in the 2021 Season of Creation Church Resource Toolkit. 
Michael Ramaidama originally wrote this prayer for the church service held at Pitt St UCA before the School Strike for Climate on Gadigal country, Sydney, 21 May 2021.