Take Action

Join other Christians around the country who are taking a stand for God's creation and recognising our responsibility to preserve and restore our common home.

Common Grace is actively taking a role in inspiring the Church to bolster the Climate Movement in Australia, mobilising Christians to pursue climate justice as an integral part of their lived faith. When a movement of people comes together around the common goal of climate justice, we can compel decision-makers to take ambitious action on the climate crisis. 

Australia has taken some great steps forward in responding to the climate crisis, with a notable reduction of almost 25% in carbon emissions since 2005, so we are moving in the right direction. However, we know that when it comes to action on the climate emergency, there is still a divide between what’s needed and what Australia has committed to. Our creative campaigns help equip local churches to build gracious and long-term relationships with our nation’s leaders. By investing in good relationships, we can communicate respectfully and effectively our hopes for change and positively influence government policy. 

Together, we have an opportunity to exhort our national leaders to move more rapidly and with more integrity to decarbonise our economy and society. Together we can restore our common home and find a more sustainable trajectory for the future flourishing of our world. 

Knit for Climate Action

Since September 2020, knitters from across Australia have been knitting the reality of our warming climate into the vivid and hauntingly beautiful Knit for Climate Action scarves. Over the ensuing years, climate stripe scarves have been gifted to family, friends, faith and community leaders, national and international politicians, with each scarf supporting bold and urgent action in responding to the climate crisis. 

Find out more about this campaign here.

Season of Creation

Every year, Christians around the world, from across denominations, commit the month of September as a season to celebrate God’s beautiful Earth, and renew our shared commitment to preserving and restoring that beauty. In the Christian calendar, this is called the Season of Creation. Common Grace produces resources for churches and faith communities to use to help engage and participate in the Season of Creation.

Learn more and explore our past resources here. 

Climate Challenge 

The Climate Challenge is a month-long initiative encouraging Christians to collectively take meaningful actions in their lives and make lifestyle changes that move them closer to reducing their carbon footprint. In light of the urgency of the global climate crisis, this initiative underscores the necessity for individual actions that reduce our impact on the climate. While the Challenge encourages individuals to make personal changes, participants will also learn more about the necessity for deeper societal change across this nation and broader structural shifts from those in power, including government and businesses. Rooted in the principles of caring for God’s good creation, loving our neighbours, and moving away from greed and consumerism, The Climate Challenge also serves as a beacon of hope for those grappling with escalating climate anxiety. 

Find out more about this campaign here.

Common Grace Conference - Let Justice Flow

This year, for the first time in Common Grace’s history, we will bring together Christians from across the breadth of the Australian Church, to be equipped to call for Climate justice and First Nations justice. The Let Justice Flow Conference (LJF) aims to support hundreds of Christians to engage in meaningful, relationship-based advocacy with influential political decision-makers, inspiring them to champion climate justice in their communities.

The 3-day advocacy conference, shaped and led by the wisdom, voices, and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christians, will help Australian Christians put their faith into action. 

Find out more, register, or donate to the conference here.

Five Leaf Eco Awards

The Five Leaf Eco-Awards are an Australian ecumenical environmental change program specifically designed for churches and religious organisations. Using a  series of non-competitive awards the program assists, inspires and rewards faith communities for taking environmental action and becoming more sustainable in response to God’s call to care for creation.

Learn more about Five Leaf Eco Awards here.