Community Climate Petitions

Across Australia, thousands of community residents have signed the Community Climate Petitions, calling on our government to support stronger action on climate change, with a particular focus on protecting the most vulnerable communities. 

23,710 signatures across 84 electorates.

These Community Climate Petitions are part of the largest multi-electorate climate petition in Australia's history. These electorate-based, ‘pen and paper’ petitions have been driven by the incredible witness of church-goers who are committing to caring for God's creation.

Common Grace supporter Jo Huntington recently shared with us why her family got involved in the Community Climate Petition.

The petitions call for deeper and more urgent reductions to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, a faster transition to a clean energy economy and more assistance for more vulnerable nations grappling with the impacts of climate change.

We wanted to highlight the incredible example of these petitioners across the country. Together, they each met with hundreds of local residents, talked about their concern for God's creation, and garnered support for our government to take stronger climate action.

We've organised their stories by electorate below, and we'll be adding more of them each week. Please have a read, share their stories and add your voice by contacting your own local member about the petition.

The Australia-wide Community Climate Petitions are supported by a coalition of faith-based organisations including: