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Add your voice

Send an email to you local member and add your voice to the thousands of Christians across the country who are calling on our government to support stronger action on climate change.

Hundreds of Christians have spent the last few months collecting thousands of signatures in communities right across Australia, and now we need to add our voice to support their call for stronger climate action.

More than 25,000 signatures have been collected in 92 electorates across the country in the Community Climate Petitions Australia's largest faith-led pen-and-paper petition. Christians from Bendigo to Broome have been out on the streets talking to their neighbours, speaking on local radio, visiting with their local members and drumming up support from everyday Australians concerned about how our country is responding to the challenge of climate change.

There are countless inspiring stories of people like Jo from Sydney, who met with her local political representatives and had her petition presented in Parliament. Together, our nation's leaders are hearing that Christians in communities across the country are speaking up for God's creation and taking seriously our need to look after it for the generations to come.

And now we need to make sure they hear our voice louder than ever, by emailing our local members and adding our support.

Now that the petition signatures have been presented, we need to surround our local politicians with a groundswell of ongoing community support for the petition. As we continue to let them know their community cares about stronger climate action, we'll shift the national mood on climate action from the bottom up – led by Christians of conviction with hope that God's creation can be preserved and restored in our lifetime.

So, can you email your local member today and let them know why you support the Community Climate Petitions?

If you want to learn more about the Community Climate Petitions before emailing your local member, we've been publishing stories from each community on our website and encourage you to read through the stories and be inspired by the example of everyday Christians speaking up for justice and taking seriously God's call to look after His creation.

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