If every person in the world lived like an Australian, it’d take three planets to sustain us. THREE! The rate at which we over-consume energy, water and food is putting huge strain on our environment and we think it's time to do something about it.

That’s why we’re inviting you take the Live On One Planet Challenge this October.

What if all the water in your house came from just one tap, could you live on one tap?

What if you all your electrical devices had just a single power-point, could you live on one power-point?

What if you only had one type of food in your pantry, could you live on one recipe?

We think you can and, for the sake of God’s beautiful creation, we think you should! By limiting your access to power, water or food fora whole week you’ll have to consider how much you rely on these things, and maybe you’ll make a world (or two!) of difference along the way.



So sign up to the Live On One Planet Challenge and see how you go!

The Live on One Planet Challenge is a partnership between Common Grace and our friends at Tearfund, calling Australian Christians to care about God’s creation and the role we each play in living more sustainably. Together we’ll challenge our unsustainable lifestyles and raise much needed funds for those most affected by a changing climate — while having a little fun along the way.


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