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Dear Cabinet,

I want a pollution free future!

Please keep global temperature rise under the unacceptably dangerous level of 2 degrees C, by phasing out carbon pollution to zero and shifting our nation to 100% clean energy by 2050.

Do this fairly, with support to the most vulnerable among us.

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Sister Jane Keogh CSB is a Brigidine Sister and a retired School Principal. She says 'pollution is causing widespread harm to our neighbours and as Christians we must do our part to advocate a vision of hope and care for God’s beautiful creation'. Join her as she seeks to call for a strong pollution reduction target.

This week, Cabinet will negotiate Australia’s future pollution reduction targets. Sister Jane is joining an unlikely alliance of a chef, farmer, fire-fighter, health expert, monk, Indigenous leader and young person to send a strong signal that Australians want a pollution free future by 2050.

Add your name to Sister Jane's!

This is a joint petition led by AVAAZ, Earth Hour, AYCC and Common Grace.