Let’s pray.


Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit,


Long ago when things began, you made our world and gave life. You made the sun to light the day. You made the moon and the stars for the night. You made the sky and the land and the sea. You made the birds to fly high in the sky, the fish to swim and play in the sea and the animals to roam the land. You looked around at everything you had created and were pleased. It was good.


Now the world was ready for people. So you made a man and a woman, Adam and Eve. You put Adam and Eve in charge of caring for your new creative world, to look after the plants and trees, birds, fish and all your animals. What a beautiful place it was. 


But after a short time things changed forever. The fruit from the tree that you forbid Adam and Eve to eat got eaten. Their own son, Cain, killed his brother Abel. We built the tower of Babel. We chose to break your law. To kill, destroy, take, steal and abuse. We chose to lie, hide, blame, trick and betray. We used our power to tear down your creation rather than to nurture and protect. 


What have we done?


Thank you Jesus for coming to rescue us and all of creation. You teach us to follow the right path. To be thankful and loving instead of to hate. Jesus, you died and rose to life again to take our sins away and to forgive us. 


We listened but forgot again. We turned to follow the evil one. We let temptations like selfish ambition overcome us. Now our lives again are focused on wicked ways. 


Yet, at this time of climate emergency, it appears that we have been foolish, and careless instead of following the ancient ways. 


We face catastrophes with climate. Species are going extinct. People are being affected by injustice, poverty, hunger and disease. Your creation that you worked hard on is dying all because of us. 


You taught our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people how to care for the lands and waters of Australia. You taught our ancestors your ancient ways of caring for country and holding all life as sacred. 


So please help us. For only you can change us and help us return to our calling as caretakers.


To stop such horrific events continuing. To help creation and climate be restored. 


Jesus, you restore things back to life. You help us return to the right path when we are lost. You convict us when we have done wrong. We need to change. 


So please help and guide us Lord. Take us back to the ancient ways so we can live in peace and harmony with all of creation.
Help us see creation as family, our brother and sister with the same creator. 


So now I’ll open my books to a new page.
In Jesus name we pray,


Written by Arieta Fergie, 11 years

Arieta wrote (and read) this prayer for the Common Grace School Strike 4 Climate Prayer vigil in May 2020.