Creator Spirit,
hear our lament as we awaken to our earth’s cries for help.
Our fragile world groans in distress as it bears witness to
little pieces of plastic washing up on the tide;
plastic bags ballooning like jellyfish, enticing hungry turtles;
the stench of silver bodies rotting in putrid rivers.
We lament our ignorance.

Creator Spirit,
our fertile lands are losing their lady-bug defenders
as we indiscriminately spray all your little insects;
as we opt for the easy way to rid ourselves of “pests”;
as we forget our connection to the ants, spiders and beetles.
We lament our laziness.

Creator Spirit,
our island neighbours are swamped by rising sea levels
displacing once-thriving villages;
undermining, uprooting, flooding,
washing away the laughter and livelihood of generations.
We lament our selfishness.

Creator Spirit,
our fragile lands erupt in countless fiery Armageddons
as carbon releases its menace on our precious globe,
while we switch on TVs and air conditioners;
as we drive here, there, and back again.
We lament our thoughtlessness.

Mother God,
You flow through our fragile land with grace and love,
still forgiving our ignorant, lazy, selfish and thoughtless habits,
still whispering: stop, listen to me, heed my warnings.
Stir in us a love so fierce for our fragile earth
that we are moved to protect, make sacrifices, and restore.
Teach us to hold all creation
as a mother holds her precious child -
reverently, tenderly.

Help us, we pray, as we hold our grandchildren’s future.


Written by Sandy Green, knitter and advocate with Common Grace's Knit for Climate Action