Extreme temperature records, raging wildfires, melting ice, and ecosystems disappearing… we grieve a world that is not as it should be.

In love and generosity God made a world that was good, and appointed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first caretakers of these lands, Australia. God’s beautiful creation is a gift to us all.

But the planet is under increasing pressure and threat from human activity. Governments, corporations, communities and individuals have too often failed to be good stewards of creation. 

In the midst of the present climate crisis and environmental degradation you are called to be part of God’s redemptive plan for the renewal of all things. 

By making a donation to Common Grace you’re pursuing the restoration of God's creation… you’re calling for Creation and Climate Justice. 

Your donation is for the health and flourishing of our common home.

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You can help pursue a world where Australia is a world climate leader -  an Australia that pursues the protection, restoration and flourishing of God’s beautiful Earth, and celebrates the unique gifts of First Nations peoples as the traditional knowledge holders of these lands.

How you’re helping: 

  • Your generosity is amplifying the voices of First Nations peoples and others affected by the climate crisis.
  • Your generosity mobilises people to take positive action, calling for leaders to make change.  
  • Your generosity equips people to pursue climate justice as part of their lived faith. 
  • Your generosity resources creative and inspiring campaigns, so that we can influence climate policy for the better.

Let us pursue climate justice together, partnering with our Creator to restore and rebuild our common home. 

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