Creator God, we bring this prayer on the lands of the Bunurong peoples. 

We hand to you the lives of every animal during this time of climate crisis.

We pray for the animals in the forests that are logged, for the creatures in the bush and grasslands which burn, for the animals in the polluted seas who are over harvested.

Creator Spirit, we lift up to you, the animals which are bred on farms, to be used and disregarded.  We pray for our friends the animals, which due to poverty, culture and money are stolen, traded and tortured.

We pray for our friends who slither, and for the small six and eight legged creatures who are often forgotten, for they hold your Spirit.

Creator God, all of these animals represent your perfect creation. Help us to listen to your spirit through the creatures that share this land.  We seek to be humbled through them, Creator God.

Creator Spirit, give us the strength and the wisdom to act. And through that action, may we worship you and your perfect creation. 

Creator Spirit, help us bring your reconciliation to these lands through the care and protection of all creatures.

Creator God, hear our prayer. 


Prayer by Gemma and Jade Bell for the School Strike 4 Climate prayer vigil, 24 September 2020.