Dear Lord, God of Love and all Creation,


Thank you for the gift of today. 

Thank you for the countless blessings you pour into our lives each and every day.

Thank you for the land in which I reside on, and for the people who have cared for it since time immemorial. 

Dear Lord, you raised me in the gem of your creation - the beautiful Pacific, my home, and for that I am so grateful. Thank you for the amazing diversity of people and cultures living on the islands of the Pacific. You gave us these lands, seas and resources as a gift - a source of identity and sustenance.

Dear Lord, we have not been righteous stewards of your creation, and your world is weeping, now more than ever. Please forgive us. 

I pray for my home, my Pacific brothers and sisters, who are the most vulnerable to climate change, despite our minimal impact on the damage being created. I pray for everyone suffering the devastating effects of climate change, especially those who have lost their land and livelihoods. 

I also pray for our leaders, both in the Pacific and globally to come together, to listen to one another, and make the right choices for a sustainable and safe future for everyone. 

Dear Lord, I also pray for awareness, and for people to hear the plight of my people and make a positive and active change. 

Help us to reconnect to the land and live in harmony with your creation.

Help us to stand in solidarity, and work together, so that future Pacific generations will have a home.


This I pray in the Holy name of Jesus Christ our Saviour, Amen.


Written by Lote Tomane for Common Grace's Season of Creation celebrations 2021.