Prayer for Torres Strait Islands Climate Justice

Papa God

“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you” 

You are holy and merciful Papa, 

everything comes from you; 

You are the Creator of the universe; 

creation looks to you O Lord;


In the beginning just by your breath, you spoke, 

the lands and the seas manifested by your words,

 your light is the sun, the moon and the stars; 

it remind us of your eternal light you bring into our world; 

We look to you O Lord;


Papa God

As you joyfully declared and created all the lands and seas in the Torres Strait Islands, you had a good day! 

Your love and favor looked upon us and you created us as your people, we are grateful for the bountiful blessing we receive from your creation; 

Our Island, Our home, Our Culture; 

We look to you O Lord; 


Papa God

Today our generation is witnessing first hand the destruction of your creation; 

Our Island Our home is suffering 

From the constant rise of sea level tides, the increase of ocean temperatures, the changes in our seasons where weather is now unpredictable, our food source and fresh drinking water are under threat and the immense damage to our islands from constant erosion. 

It is causing a devastating impact on your creation,

 our Island, our peoples, our culture and our homes; 

We look to you O Lord.


Papa God 

You planted us on our Islands, our descendants are as numerous as the stars in the night sky and all the islands is promised to them, their inheritance is forever.

I am a humble servant, a Torres Strait Islander Elder and a follower of Jesus Christ our Lord, I plead thee mercifully to hear us and grant our hearts desire for justice. 

As the Australian government continues to refuse to take urgent action on the climate crisis, the Torres Strait Islands continues to be frontline victims of climate change; 

by your mighty help we will defend our inheritance and ask you to comfort all in danger and adversities as we continue to fight for Creation Justice; 

We look to you O Lord 


Papa God 

Continue to give us strength, as we marvel at the miracle of your creation; 

As our constant reminder, the Southern Cross that shines in our southern skies forever over our islands, and our nation as our eternal navigator.

As the gift of life is revealed through the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who gave His life on that old rugged Cross. 

O Lord, every year the Torres Strait Islands celebrate The Coming of the Light as we honour your message of sacrifice and love, we give you all the glory and praise; may we continue to bring light into this world together as we look to you O Lord 

Loving Papa God, we thank you for hearing our prayers, giving us your words and encouraging us in our meeting together…we say   


Take us and use us

to love and serve you, and all people.

In the power of your Spirit

and in the name of your Son,

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer written by Uncle Ben Harry and Larissa Minniecon for the Pray for Climate Justice prayer service, St John’s Anglican, Glebe NSW. Supported by Scarred Tree Ministries, Common Grace, Christians Together for Climate and St John’s.