Podcast and Video Recommendations


The Good Dirt Podcast with Byron Smith

Dr Byron Smith and a variety of guests unearth overlooked news stories about forces shaping our world.


Inverse Podcast with Jarrod McKenna and Dr Drew Heart

Episode Recommendation: A Climate Scientist & An Indigenous Biblical Scholar walk into Romans 8. Dr Mick Pope and Dr Danny Zaccharias interviewed by Jarrod McKenna


The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it

Christian Climate Scientist Katherine Hayhoe’s TED talk, 2018


Dr Mick Pope, Climate Scientist and Theologian, talks with Tearfund Australia about climate justice


Christians and Creation Care: Seven Minute Seminary

A 7-minute summary by Dr Sandra Richter, Professor of Old Testament Wheaton College, of God’s concern for all Creation, both human and non-human, and the expectation laid out through Scripture that God’s people will care for Creation.


2020 Climate Pastoral Care Conference Recordings

Byron Smith: Deadly Growth: Cancer, COVID-19 and Climate

Brooke Prentis: 250 years of advocacy for Creation and Climate Justice


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