Creator Spirit,

You have promised to make all things new, to reconcile all things to yourself. We call
on you to work in this world for its renewal.

We recognise that our systems have failed us, our political processes have failed us,
and the past COPs have failed us. 1.5 degrees has passed us as an attainable goal,
and the world is blundering forward to 2 degrees like a blindfolded person running
towards a cliff. The road into the future unavoidably will involve suffering and
profound loss. We mourn and we lament lost opportunities. We steel ourselves for a
rough ride into the future. But we are not without hope.

Now is the time for the world to turn around. Now is the time for governments,
particularly those in the west, to act with urgency. Climate change is a global
problem that requires global solutions. We pray for a spirit of cooperation at this
COP, for strong vision, and strong commitment. May the talks be dominated by
urgency and not denial. Please silence the voices of self-interest and of those that
place profit above people and planet. Our future is not in the hands of the powers,
but of the Prince of Peace. Silence the powers and the gods of mammon and war.
Incline the hearts of world leaders to combat all those things that make for the
destruction of this world of beauty and delight, and of the way of life of those who
have contributed the least to our dire situation.

We thank you that faith groups and indigenous peoples are represented at COP,
including our own sister Jane and our brother Uncle Ray. May deep wisdom rule
over cynical greenwashing.

We pray that this COP won’t be a talk fest, but a turning point. We pray for clear
goals, for clear timelines, and for clear support for those are and will suffer. We know
better than to put our faith in the world, but we pray for the best of the world, for this
world is our home, and we know that it is this world that you are making new.

In Jesus’ name.



Written by Dr Mick Pope for Common Grace's prayer gathering for COP27 - joining together to pray for this international climate conference held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt and Jane Kelly, Common Grace's Creation and Climate Justice Coordinator, as she arrived to attend as part of a delegation of representatives with the Christian Climate Observers Program (CCOP)