Creator of the cosmos,


    You have filled this good Earth with complex wonders, abundant beauty, resilient interdependencies, and you invite us to share this abode with all your guests: with bandicoots and banksias, bacteria and blue whales, and the billions of beings like us.


    But we have abused your divine hospitality. We’ve made a right mess of the place. We have kicked out other residents and falsely claimed ownership for ourselves.


    We grieve the coral bleached white, the forests burned black, the dwindling glaciers, the silenced birdsong, the oceans emptying of fish and filling with plastic.


    Forgive us our habitual greed, our stunted empathy, our careful ignorance. Forgive our complicity in systems built on lies, that extract too much and funnel wealth into the pockets of too few.


    Fill our lungs with your fresh wind, your Holy Breath, your life-giving Spirit, that we may sing songs of resistance, renewal, revolution, and that we may walk together in the true and living way of Jesus so that in you, all may find a home.



Written by Dr Byron Smith for Common Grace's Season of Creation 2021 celebrations.